i was high earlier and read about 10 volumes of inuyasha the wrong way

okay i’m not a huge fan of country but i LOVE luke bryan so much like i’ll listen to him all day tbh

i just slept for like 18 hours and i had the same nightmare over and over again it was so scary and now i’m all out of it today


i wanna look like someone who can cut you but still bakes cookies in her spare time

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i post a lot of selfies but i kinda don’t care anymore

i post a lot of selfies but i kinda don’t care anymore

hey guys watch my little brother sing time is changing from dark cloud 2 (btw he’s autistic)

my mom likes to forget to pick up my meds so tonight sucks and im overwhelmed by everything please punch me right in the face

Fucking amazing blog bruh. And i assume your music taste is great as well because Tool :)

Thanks so much!


I hope I can use that line one day


when you try to type ‘yeah’ and accidentally type ‘yesh’


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the rock is fucking precious

why didn’t anyone tell me frasier was on netflix it’s like my favorite show and i don’t even like shows like that 


do me for the vine

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it’s not bad or selfish or wrong to desire attention and love when you are feeling ill and upset. sometimes, you need other people to keep you afloat. that’s okay. you are not a burden. being needy is not a bad thing. you deserve to be cared for. it’s okay to ask for help.

this was the beginning of a real adventure.

My name's Lora and I really like Tool and Dark Cloud.

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